No Turning Back

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Happy New Year folks! Here’s a new track to kick off 2016…

No Turning Back
(Words and Music: David Fuller)

Jason Meekins: Drums
Andre Lyles: Bass
Kevin Jones: Lead Guitar
Jessica Fuller: Backing Vocals
David Fuller: EP, Piano, Keys. Electric Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, BVs and Production

Updated 2/2/16 with new bass.
[Boom, boom, boom, boom
No turning back…]

Somewhere in the dark, I can hear you breathe
I can feel desire, stir inside of me
In matters of the heart, I wear it on my sleeve
I know no other way, no no no

Right from the start, I knew you were the one
It was like the heat, from a million suns
And when I caught your eye, I was totally undone
There was no turning back, no no no

When fate plays her hand
There’s no, no turning back

I could feel my heart, beat inside my chest
Driven by a thirst, that I could never quench
And then you smiled, I was at your mercy then
There’s was no turning back, no no no

Move to the edge
And let our bodies fall
We’ll either find our wings and fly
Or tumble in free fall
Let the winds
Take us where they will
Embraced as lovers
Until we’ve had our fill

When fate plays her hand
There’s no, no turning back
When fate takes control
There’s just no fighting that

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