Hi there, I’m glad you made it!

df-picHello, and welcome. This is my place to write my thoughts, post my music, lyrics, poems, etc. Feel free to rumage around – I hope you enjoy what you find. Come back as often as you like, and by all means tell your friends if you like what’s here. I’ll be updating many of the posts with audio and video as they become available, so keep an ear out for changes! If you’re curious about me, you can read a little bit more about me here.

The majority of what resides here is my music and lyrics from recent times – since March 2011. I’ve had an incredible purple patch after nearly 15 years away from music. Once the dam broke there was no stopping it. I guess I had some stuff to say. That’s not to say I won’t post stuff that pre-dates that time. There’s a few bits and pieces that will, I’m sure, make their way here in time.  Please feel free to leave comments, it’s great to know you’re out there and I’m not just talking to myself – I’ve done more than enough of that! I only ask that you respect the rules.

My lyrics tend to be semi biographical, but you’ll have to work out what is fact and what is fiction. Not that it matters. Lyrics to me are a snapshot of emotions caught in a moment in time. They are neither real, nor true. They are one reality and one version of truth, no more, no less. Feel free to apply your own meaning to them – not that you need my permission!

There are various recording types found within these pages. You can read more about them here.

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